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Why Buy YouTube Views?

admin   October 11, 2016   Comments Off on Why Buy YouTube Views?

Are you looking to give your YouTube account a bit of a boost? Are you upset by the fact that you are making good content, but you are barely getting any subscribers? Instead of simply accepting the situation, or giving up on your YouTube account, you may want to think of changing up the way you are engaging in marketing. You may not be aware, but many people have been using the practice where they buy youtube views in order to help get their channel up to the level that they want. The practice can really help your channel as well.

The premise is fairly simple: you are going to go on the linked site and you are going to see how many likes and views you want to buy for your account. These likes and views are restricted to a particular video, but you can always buy them for more than one video at a time. What happens is that you will complete the payment, and within 24 hours you are going to see those views and likes appearing on your video. And these are real views and likes, which means they are registered with YouTube and everything.

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But how do they help? It is the perceived popularity of your channel that changes. Think about it this way: if someone saw your channel today, they would notice videos with a few hundred views and less than ten likes. Is that particularly impressive? No it is not. If they want to learn about a topic, they will probably skip over your video for something that seems more popular. But when you buy views and likes, it is your videos that seem popular, which is going to result in people wanting to watch them. This is why we always recommend buying views for new channels.